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Our Beers.

Heineken Pilsener


Draft. Premium lager. Just barley, hops and water. 5%



Draft. Belgian Blond, but American hopped. 6.6%



Draft. Light-blonde, cloudy with a firm and long-lasting head. 5.5%

Hertog Jan

€ 2.50

Bottle. Firm, golden blonde beer. With a nice, dense head. 5.1%

Palm Spéciale

€ 3.10

Bottle. Made with English hops, French Barley, and Belgian yeast. Roasted Champagne Malt. 5.2%


€ 4.50

Bottle. Signature beer, more root wort than Pale Ale and milder hop use than IPA. 7%

Noordt Tripel

€ 4.10

True Belgian classic, 3 times as many ingredients, often made by the Trappists. 7.5%

Hoegaarden - Rosé

€ 4.10

It might be pink but it is very much a wheat beer. It also features the soft taste and subtle colour of raspberries. 3%

Playground Non IPA

€ 5.00

The first Dutch Alcohol-free IPA. 0%

Heineken 0.0

€ 2.60

Brewed twice with the famous Heineken A yeast. Then the alcohol is removed at the end of the brewing process to get the best taste. 0%

Plus various other beers on bottle, with alcohol and without. Amstel Radler Lemon 2%, Radler 0%, North Sea IPA (Mooie Nel) from Jopen in Haarlem. Enjoy!

Our Wines, Port and Sherry.

Prices per glass/bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon

€ 3.80 / 18

Denis Marchais Cabernet Sauvignon is a juicy fruity red wine with a rich and soft character full of fruit.


€ 3.80 / 18

Denis Marchais Merlot is fleshy, smooth and pleasant with a pleasant aftertaste.


€ 3.80 / 18

Oude Kaap Rosé, South Africa. Wonderfully fresh and soft Rosé that certainly does a great job in summer as a fruity thirst quencher.


€ 3.80 / 18

Denis Marchais Chardonnay has a soft structure with a little ``butter`` in the aftertaste.

Sauvignon Blanc

€ 3.80 / 18

Denis Marchais Sauvignon Blanc is a dry, fresh and lively wine.


€ 4.50 / 22.50

La Gioiosa Prosecco Frizzante is a fine sparkling wine from Italy. The taste is juicy and refreshing. Very festive, share a bottle to celebrate!

Our Gin & Tonics.

Bombay Sapphire

€ 5.50

The world famous gin in its signature blue bottle. Each drop contains 10 hand-selected spices from exotic locations around the world.

Bobby's Gin

€ 6.50

Unique blend of Indonesian spice and traditional botanicals. Spicy and fragrant on the nose, a fresh burst of citrus and herbs at first sip and with a slight hum of pepper. From nearby Schiedam.

Loopuyt Dry Gin

€ 6.50

All Loopuyt's raw materials come directly from nature. Another gin from nearby Schiedam with 12 botanicals.

Hendrick's Gin

€ 7.50

Features the likes of juniper, cubeb berries, elderflower, chamomile, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel, coriander, yarrow and orris, alongside an infusion of cucumber and rose petal.

Nolet's Silver Gin

€ 7.50

Features a unique combination of botanicals never before used in gin that was created for a new generation of gin drinkers. From nearby Schiedam.

Loopuyt Virgin Gin

€ 5.00

Alcohol free gin, unique. Drink-and-drive. 0%

Combine your gin with your favourite Fever Tree tonic, we serve Indian Tonic, Elderflower Tonic and Indian Tonic Light. We also have Loopuyt Ginger Beer on the menu and various botanicals such as cloves and star anise. Cheers!

Hot Drinks.


€ 2.40

Just black coffee. Man Met Bril Koffie from Rotterdam roasted this awesome coffee from Brazil.


€ 2.40

Espresso is a small cup of coffee that is the result of hot water being pressed through a small amount of finely ground coffee under high pressure.


€ 2.80

The name cappuccino originally comes from Kapuziner Kaffee. This name originated from a maze of coffees in Vienna, Austria.

Koffie Verkeerd

€ 2.80

Just black coffee with too much milk! Koffie Verkeerd is also called a 'cafe au lait' and is similar to a latte.

Caffè Macchiato

€ 2.80

Caffè macchiato, sometimes also called espresso macchiato, is an espresso with a little frothed milk.

Soft Drinks.

We offer the typical soft drinks you can expect, such as Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero and Light, Fanta, Bitter Lemon, Tonic, Sparkling Water, Still Water, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Chocolate Milk and Loopuyt Ginger beer.

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