Inge van Driel.

/Inge van Driel

I have been painting for many years, of which more and more abstract in recent years. Always in bright, strong colors, I have always drawn and painted since childhood. When I moved to Flevoland in 1988, I started sculpting. I learned it from a sculptor and I started making sculptures in river clay. Then I made molds to cast them in concrete. Intensive but very nice to do. Once back in Rotterdam, I followed various courses in painting and sculpture at the Vrije Academie and then I started carving in stone. The disadvantage of sculpture is that it produces a lot of dust and debris and finding and financing a studio is not easy! My last sculpture in Portuguese marble left me with a shoulder injury and that’s why I started painting again. Over the years I have followed various courses in the field of watercolor painting and painting with acrylic and oil paint. Initially this was figurative work and later I started to paint more abstractly. As a sculptor I am used to working 3 dimensional and that is also reflected in my paintings: you can usually view them both horizontally and vertically. Color comes first for me, they can really pop! I usually work on the 60 x 80 cm format.

Recently I’ve made realistic work, in much smaller sizes,  related to food for an exhibition at Café ‘t Pakhuys in Rotterdam. Water colours and pencil on paper, all framed behind glass and signed.



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