Live music: Nina & Slumbers.

//Live music: Nina & Slumbers


Date: 02/12/2023
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open

Aanvang: 20 uur


Nina is a songwriter, keys player and singer of the alternative/metal scene. Through her music and lyrics, she connects multi-generational stories to her own experiences with life and death. Inspired by artists such as Stevie Nicks, she creates an air of mystery and whimsy that will have you leaning in closer. Nina discovered the piano in her early teens and is excited to return to her roots in an intimate setting.





slumbers is an acoustic indie songwriting project that drifts through planes of adolescence and adulthood, turning small, everyday ponderings about life and death into giants. with the lyrical sensibility of ben howard, and acoustic movements of flyte and fleet foxes, the music of slumbers grasps the questions that emerge from the fog of daydream and emotion, and dares to ask that which we normally keep hidden away. why am i like this? why do i hurt? what am i doing? and most of all, where do i go from here?

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