Live music: Flora & Nina Bailey.

/Live music: Flora & Nina Bailey


Date: 25/11/2023
Duration: 1 Day
Type: open

Starts: 20 o’clock


Welcome to the disruptive force that is FLORA. This cutting-edge singer-songwriter is known for her blend of unfiltered lyrics, distinct harmonies, and a touch of darkness, adding a unique flavor to the modern pop scene.

FLORA writes music for people who like soul-stirring songs to dance to. Her artistic vision draws inspiration from artists like RAYE, Sub Urban, and Tyler, the Creator, while she forges her own path. With her lyrics she sheds light on taboo subjects and issues such as mental health, equality, and the state of our world.

Her debut EP, ‘RINSE & REPEAT EP,’ released on September 16, 2022, carries the weight of her past. Through this debut, FLORA strives to use her art as a means to inspire introspection, growth, and change.

FLORA’s unique sound and penetrating lyrics offer listeners a fresh perspective on life and the challenges of dealing with constant pressure and expectations. Her second EP, ‘UTTERLY MISTAKEN,’ embodies everything she’s been too afraid to say in real life, delving into topics such as self-sabotage, unhealthy relationships, and her chaotic tendencies. The lead single, titled ‘PARIS,’ was released on June 9th, narrating her ‘not-so-impressive’ experiences in love. This track propelled FLORA into playlists like New Music Friday and EQUAL, providing an unfiltered glimpse into her perspective.

Fueled by her past experiences and traumatic events, FLORA is a heavy-hitter, ready to make her mark.

Nina Bailey

Singer & songwriter, mellow pop songs sung in English


Dynamite comes in small packages. This is definitely true for Nina Bailey, 22-year-old mellow pop singer and songwriter. Though soft spoken in person, Nina shows her fiery, critical, and opinionated side through her music. She writes about the things that she is most scared to share, as she firmly believes these are the things most worth sharing. This makes for music that is always brutally honest and deeply personal. Clever lyricism, heartfelt melodies, captivating harmonies and a humorous yet critical outlook form the basis of Nina Bailey’s work. Through telling her own stories, she hopes listeners will take comfort in the fact that they are not alone.

For fans of: Gracie Abrams, Ella Jane, Olivia Dean, Lizzy McAlpine, JP Saxe


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