Arie Pieter Visser.

/Arie Pieter Visser

Arie Pieter Visser (Rotterdam, 31-8-1940)

After my education at the Rotterdam Academy of Visual Arts (1957-1962) Publicity and Audiovisual Design, I started as a decoration painter, then for about 45 years as a creative / commercial and graphic designer and art director at various advertising agencies. My ‘free’ painting and drawing started in the 1970s and production is only from ± 1990 onwards. I am a real outdoor sketcher / painter, especially village views, landscapes, cows, sheep, flowers, still lifes, etc. The style can be described as realistic / impressionistic, and also a bit decorative and harmonious in the style of the contemporary interiors, executed in various techniques such as oil paint, acrylic pen drawing, pencil and airbrush.



This is an online exhibition and these works are for sale and can only be viewed by appointment.


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